Hey everyone! 

My first post! How exciting!! This blog is so I can showcase my evolution as a vegan from a novice (I’m afraid I’m only a recent convert) to a fully fledged master of vegtables. Just a few things before I start posting, 

1. This is not a blog to try convert anyone to veganism. It’s a choice, one which I came to independently, and I hope others will too. This blog will not be degrading or hostile to those who are not vegan. We all have our opinions and our own lifestyle choices, this blog will respect them.

2. This blog is by no means substitute for any medical or dietary advice! Seriously, I’m a student, I can barely manage to look after myself. If you’ve been instructed by medical professionals to eat a certain way, don’t use this blog as an excuse to deviate from it!

3. This blog is about using the best ingredients that you can afford to make meals you’ll enjoy. Please feel free to chop and change the recipes are you feel like it! The beauty of cooking is the free rein you get doing it! Run with it, the worst that’ll happen is that you won’t like what you cooked. If that happens, there’s always pasta.